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Field Hockey Equipment

What your field hockey players needs...

Below is a list of equipment your play needs to be ready for the Field Hockey season

Field Hockey Stick

Tips for picking a field hockey stick...

  • New players don't need an expensive stick.  The more expensive sticks are made with harder materials that may be more difficult for new players to master.   Look to match your players equipment with their level of experience.
  • Review this stick selection guide for an explanation of stick types and stick length. 
  • Many local sporting good stores offer field hockey stick packages that include shin guards, goggles and an entry level stick. 

Shin Guards

  • All players must have shin guards.  
  • Players may use soccer style shin guards, or can purchase larger field hockey guards.  


  • CFHC recommends the use of goggles for our players.
  • Local club teams play with international rules and do not use goggles.   
  • Lacrosse style goggles are acceptable.  

Mouth Guard

  • All players must have a mouth guard 
  • We can not allow players on the field for practices and games without a mouth guard.
  • CFHC recommends that each player start the season with 2 fitted mouth guards, as they are prone to both lose and wear.  

Uniform (5th to 8th Only)

  • All Players 5th to 8th are required to purchase a uniform.
  • Uniforms must be ordered from the CFHC website online store.
  • A complete kit includes Jersey, Skirt, White & Navy Socks, and spandex shorts (under the skirt).     All items are available from the online store, but only the Jersey and Skirt have to purchased from CFHC.